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Soley Aesthetics seeks to ensure a positive and memorable experience for each and every client through a unique and welcoming atmosophere to produce natural and beautiful results.

Lori Soley, CRNP, MS

Soley Aesthetics was established in 2010. Lori has an extensive background in various specialties prior to this including: Pain Management, Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine and Plastic Surgery. She obtained her Nurse Practitioner Degree and Master of Science degree from Salisbury University in 2001. She is certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Lori Soley
White Sands

Laser Procedures

The Pixel 2940 nm Er YAG module

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A safe and effective treatment for the face, neck, chest, and hands.  It improves the quality and texture of the dermis while it stimulates collagen regeneration and lightens wrinkles and brown spots.  It uses microbeams to create columns of heat penetrating the skin while leaving much of the skin intact.  This leads to excellent results with minimal pain and down time.


Expectations:  Patients will find the skin around the treatment area feeling firmer and their face will look sunburned.  You may experience slight swelling.  Dead skin will flake off with newer, healthier skin taking its place.  


Recommend 3-4 treatments 3-4 weeks apart.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

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A light based energy primarily used to improve pigmentary and vascular skin imperfections.  It is also referred to as a “photofacial.”


Anyone who suffers from red, flushed skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone would benefit from IPL.


The actual procedure involves applying a cool gel to the treatment area, then a smooth glass handpiece is applied that delivers a pulse of light to the area.  Most patients compare the sensation to being snapped by a rubber band.  The procedure is fast, lasting approximately 20 minutes.


Once the treatment is over, the area should be protected with sunscreen for several days.  Areas of redness and vessels may become more blotchy for a few days.  Pigmented lesions will slightly darken and flake off after 5-10 days.


Recommend 3-4 treatments 4 weeks apart.


IPL may be combined with Pixel



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Chemical Peels

The Perfect DermaPeel

-contains Glutathione, Kojic Acid, TCA (Trichloracetic Acid), Phenol, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, and Reinoic Acid

-is suitable for all skin types

-improves the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

-Salicylic Acid-based peel

-addresses fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, mild-moderate photoaging, and rough, uneven skin

-skin looks brighter after just one peel, but a series of four provides best results

Wrinkle Relaxers


A purified protein that temporariy paralyzes muscle activity to smooth wrinkles and improve skin integrity.

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers smooth fine lines as well as add volume to "plump" up the skin. Over time they help build collagen. They can be used in the midface (cheeks), lips, smile lines, chin, jawline, tear troughs, and other areas to create a youthful and refreshed look.

Thread Lifting

PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lift

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For decades, these biodegradable threads have been used in procedures that require absorbable sutures.  Over time skin naturally starts losing collagen and elasticity.  This can result in sagging around the midface, eyes, neck, and jawline.


PDO thread lift is not just about repositioning the skin; it also stimulates the body’s natural response to the threads by creating collagen and increasing blood flow.  The results are immediate and as the body creates more collagen the results continue to improve over several months.


Is the treatment safe?  Yes, PDO threads are FDA approved and polydioxanaone has been widely used for cardiovascular surgery and other medical procedures for decades. 


PDO threads are hypoallergenic and safe, meeting all the specifications of the United States Pharmacopedia (USP).


No down time, non surgical option

Thread lifts require no incisions or scarring and are done in just one office visit.  There is minimal recover time which means most people can return to work the next day.  While you will need to take some precautions, it usually will not interfere with your routine.

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